Comings and goings

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 at 09:24pm

As of this evening, my IBM PC and IBM PC XT are merely a memory (except for the photos and descriptions). Their new owner is building up a collection of early IBM PCs and these are destined to be restored, or be used for parts in the restoration of other systems. Either way, they are going to a good home.

So what’s next? Last weekend I started looking through the IBM PS/2 50z, the IBM PS/2 65sx and the parts I have for those. Over the past few weeks I have seen individual parts pop up on eBay so I think I will sell these in a few lots instead of a single bulk lot:

  • two 50z system units (one with CPU upgrade), one monitor and one keyboard (a Model M)
  • the 65sx system unit
  • the other Model M keyboard
  • MCA memory cards
  • MCA SCSI card
  • other PS/2 bits and pieces

So that’s the goings. What about the comings?

First up is an eBay auction for an IBM PC Convertible that ends in three and a half days. While I already have one of these, this one includes the thermal printer slice. I’m going to keep my eye on it and I may yet place a bid.

Next up is a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh that I was contacted about directly. I need to decide if I want this (a revisit of similar thoughts), and if I do, how much do I want to offer?

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