Fixing the chain and finishing that ride

Saturday, April 7th, 2007 at 04:58pm

I took my chain up to the bike shop today and they confirmed what I had read online; that you cannot properly join a modern chain. Instead you need to use a replaceable connector so I got one of those.

I also picked up a new tool (the Topeak Hexus 16) as it has a chain tool. Also, the sides are removable to be used as tyre levers. This is important as with these ones I am less likely to repeat my previous mistake.

Once I refitted the chain I updated the route I entered into Bikely to represent where I actually rode:

Plenty River Trail and Mullum Mullum Creek (from Watsonia) @

For now my plan is to finish off that ride tomorrow by covering the path along the Eastern Freeway, among other things.

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