Riding to Ferntree Gully with Bikely

Sunday, March 4th, 2007 at 05:11pm

This afternoon I decided to ride out to Ferntree Gully via Ferny Creek and then back via the Blind Creek Trail. However first I decided to plot out the route on Bikely. As well as giving my a better idea of where I would be riding it also gave me a distance estimate of 33.2km which would be easy to do in two hours.

When I got back home (after riding for just under two hours) I needed to update the route to reflect where I actually rode. This bumped the estimate up to 36.6km which is still short of the 38.9km that my speedometer recorded. I guess this is understandable as the route entered into Bikely is only an approximation using straight lines and I don’t know if it takes elevation into account.

The route: Shepherds Bush to Ferntree Gully and back

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