There should be a fine

Monday, August 14th, 2006 at 09:45pm

Today marked the first day of the annual hard rubbish collection run by the local council. As it would be problematic to pick up everything from the entire area in a short amount of time they divide it into six areas, each of which is assigned a particular week.

Most of my ride to work is through area 4 which has been assigned the week starting 4 September 2006, ie FOUR WEEKS away. Despite both the website and an article in the local paper telling people that they shouldn’t put rubbish out until two weeks prior I am seeing a huge amount of rubbish that is already drifting onto the road and footpath. Since they are not following the council’s instructions should these people be fined for dumping rubbish on the nature strip?

For the past few years the council has also stressed that “Scavenging is an offense under local law and offenders will be prosecuted.” A co-worker pointed out that since these people are not following the instructions for hard rubbish is it still an offense?

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