A flood of new items

Saturday, May 27th, 2006 at 01:24pm

Over the past two days I have lined up five more items for my computer collection:

A co-worker offered me (for nothing) a SGI Indy with 17″ monitor that has been sitting in their office (logically as physically their office has been in six spaces across three buildings) since it was obtained a few years ago. Earlier in the week I spotted a SUN SPARCclassic on eBay for a starting price of AU$10. I was the winning bidder last night for the grand sun of AU$21.50. The other three items are a Macintosh Classic (with carry bag!), a Macintosh Plus and a Macintosh LCIII that were together in another eBay listing that ended this morning in my favour for AU$41.

Now I need to wait for the SPARCclassic to arrive in the post and to organise pickup of the other items.

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