The culling continues

Sunday, January 8th, 2006 at 05:54pm

Since my decision last week to start being ruthless with what I keep in my computer collection I have been constantly dumbfounded by what I thought was worth keeping. Just some of the items that ended up on the discard pile were:

  • An entire box (around 20) of old ISA I/O cards that ranged from 8-bit cards that provided two parallel and two serial ports, to16-bit cards with parallel, serial and IDE.
  • Another box packed full with the connectors mounted on backplates for the aforementioned I/O cards.
  • Yet another box of video card. These were more varied than the I/O cards but in this case I did keep the more unusual ones (eg an 8-bit VGA card) and one or two others. It is highly likely that the ones I did keep will also end up with the rest…

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