The construction is over?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 at 06:54pm

When I left work today someone could be mistaken to think that the construction is nearly complete as all of the walls and windows (internal) have been installed and the builders even took away all the rubbish from the open plan area…

However I wonder if they are even halfway through as there would be at least the following jobs left to do:

  • networking and phones (over fifty people and each person has a phone and two network points)
  • power and lighting (some of the lights in the suspended ceiling have been reconfigured but most haven’t and the switches need to be put in walls instead of hanging down…)
  • plastering (there are a couple of places where the joins between plaster sheets needs to be filled)
  • painting (we are all looking forward to the white, beige, light blue, darker blue and bright orange colour scheme)
  • carpeting (how long does it take to glue down carpet tiles?)
  • installation of the cubicles (then these need to be wired for power and comms)

Only five weeks to do all that? Maybe…

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