Tempted to start an iMac project

Saturday, February 12th, 2005 at 04:39pm

A long time ago, at least a year but probably some time after I came across The iMac Rack-Mount Project, I thought an affordable way of getting a suitably powerful mac to play around with would be to take the logic board and drives out of a CRT iMac with a broken screen. I never did anything about it and my precious is a much more powerful system than any CRT iMac could be.

However in my my regular perusal of the items available on eBay this afternoon I discovered one that had previously escaped notice: “IMAC” PARTS. This is the logic board and drives from an iMac that has a dead screen and its current price makes it a very tempting purchase. What makes it a viable purchase is that there are already a few projects that have done just what I plan so problems like a replacement power supply have already been solved.

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