More items come and some should go

Monday, January 10th, 2005 at 07:08pm

This morning I detoured via Surrey Hills on my way to work (a long detour) in order to pick up a Macintosh Quadra 950, another PowerMac 8100 and an external Pioneer six CD stacker (there will be photos at some stage…). These are some of the items that I mentioned I was watching in my post last friday.

There are currently seven items in my eBay watch list so it is highly likely that I will be adding even more items to my collection. I really should get around to listing the items that I have but don’t need like a second complete SGI Indy and and some 19″ monitors (one is SUN branded and the other is DIGITAL branded)…

Over the break I wrote a simple script to login to eBay and grab the details of the items in my watch list. I then format this information in iCalendar format and place it in a file on my local webserver. On my Powerbook I then have iCal subscribed to this which means that I get alerted shortly before the items end both on the Powerbook and on my phone (thanks to iSync). I’m considering releasing the eBay functionality as a perl module through the CPAN

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