Back to basics

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004 at 7:34 pm

A long while ago I decided that maintaining the details of my computer collection would be easiest if I generalised each page into a set number of fields which I could store in the database and modify through a web interface. I pretty quickly wrote up some PHP to read the information from the database and present it. However I soon lost interest while creating the interface to modify the information which meant that it has sat half done for at least eighteen months now.

Tonight I decided that if I was ever get around to entering all the information that I have sitting around in various text files I will go back to basics and make each page essentially static. I’ll keep a few functions to handle such things as presenting the image thumnail in a nice way but these will be called manually from the index files in each directory. It will also mean that the canonical source for the information will be in the CVS repository on gromit. Not in a database that resides on a server in America with only version control that I implement, ie none…

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