Compact Flash for Apple II, Part II

Sunday, January 11th, 2004 at 09:36pm

This weekend I was able to find some time to play around with my CompactFlash / IDE Interface card for Apple II computers that arrived before christmas. I only used a 32MB compact flash card, heaps of space compared to two 800k floppy disks, and installed System 6.01 and AppleWorks GS on it.

Since I have three GS system units I think I will sacrifice one in order to make a Mark Twain‘esque box by mounting a floppy drive to the underslide of the cover. Disks will be inserted through the front and it will prevent the use of any slots except for slot 7 which will contain the Compact Flash interface card. I don’t actually have any other cards so it isn’t that much of a big deal. However a ZipGS or TranswarpGS would be nice if I could actually fine one…

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