Merri Creek Trail

Saturday, December 6th, 2003 at 07:05pm

I got tired of Damien cancelling on me so today I decided to go for the ride anyway:

  • Caught the train to Victoria Park
  • down to Dights Falls
  • up the lower park of Merri Creek / Capital City to St Georges Rd
  • up St Georges Rd and others to the ring road
  • east to check out part of the Darebin Creek Trail that was skipped on a previous ride
  • west to the start of Merri Creek Trail, passing the construction of the Hume bypass
  • down Merri Creek Trail to St Georges again
  • west along Capital City Path to Royal Park, checking out Edinburgh Gardens on the way
  • up the Upfield Bike Path to Coburg station
  • train home…

Just over 50 kilometers and was pretty good except for some residual effects of the torrential rain earlier this week; sections at the upper end of Merri Creek were washed away so the path alternated between nice concrete, jagged rocks and drifts of soft fine gravel.

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