Pre-interview questionnaire

Thursday, November 20th, 2003 at 12:47am

I’m applying for a full-time position, I’m currently casual, at work and part of the application process is an online pre-interview questionnaire which I have just finished submitting. One of the quetions was Describe any one aspect of Extreme Programming that excites/intrigues you, and why. (hint: google for it)

I wrote up a, what I thought was good, response that talked about how XP takes a subset of the software development practices and combines them into a self referential loop in order to totally ignore other established practices. See the Circle of Snakes in XP Refactored.

However that was not the response I submitted as I didn’t think that an XP critical response would not be taken very well… The response I did submit was regarding coding standards and how they were beneficial, in particular that they are not tied to XP…

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