My name is Stephen Edmonds and popcorn.cx is my personal domain. I wanted something that was suitably abstract and annonymous enough for both personal and professional uses.

At the end of 2002 I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University. Since the end of my second last year of study and now full time I have been working with the Flexible Learning and Teaching program developing applications for my.monash, the staff and student portal.

With a friend I'm gradually working my way through the bike paths around Melbourne and I currently ride my bicycle 8.5km (each way) to work. Coincidentally my journey takes me past my primary school, my secondary college, my preschool and my university. All without leaving the municipality.

Apart from cycling and cooking all my interests are computer related, from my computer collection to developing web software both for work and personal stuff.

A couple of friends and I used to run Monash Region LAN, a small computer gaming group. Due to pressures on our time, hall availability and insurance issues we haven't run an event since mid 2003.

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