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generic (feed #21) 11:34pm Fantastic @thedollop tonight, I think I enjoyed it more because I recently read 'True Girt' https://t.co/psXxAwVQa5 https://t.co/SS5aCqYTp2
generic (feed #21) 10:09pm First of three in Melbourne @thedollop https://t.co/8244Mtcm2q

October 17th

generic (feed #21) 4:05pm It's not clear if the @DodoAustralia nbn speeds of standard/turbo/max map to speed tiers of 12/25/100 or 25/50/100
generic (feed #21) 3:16pm ISP websites now say my address can get NBN, but the @NBN_Australia lookup still says no... what trust is there in this data?

October 15th

generic (feed #18) 2:38pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 2:38pm Posted an item

October 11th

generic (feed #21) 9:26am Hey @ptv_official, shouldn't Flinders Street Railway Station come up for "flinders street" in the journey planner?… https://t.co/DuXLszYMyJ

October 6th

generic (feed #21) 3:20pm Two weeks since @nbn_australia lead-in installed, address check shows not active (but neighbour is), phoned up to get told May 2018...

October 3rd

generic (feed #18) 10:16pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 10:16pm Posted an item

September 24th

generic (feed #18) 5:09pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 5:09pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 5:09pm Posted an item
librarything (feed #5) 12:20am Added 5 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson Year Zero: A Novel by Rob Reid Year Zero by Rob Reid We Seven: By the Astronauts Themselves by M. Scott Carpenter We Seven by M. Scott Carpenter

September 23rd

generic (feed #21) 10:11am Woken up on a Saturday morning by someone on my roof, after initial confusion I am ok with that as it's the #nbn lead-in being installed

September 20th

generic (feed #21) 11:41pm Time to rearrange the shelves #lego #bb8 https://t.co/gDdnk6ryTJ

September 18th

generic (feed #21) 6:05pm My latest #lego acquisition https://t.co/JcwOrZuYHL

September 17th

generic (feed #21) 10:27pm Huge Laughs at the 2nd #DYKWIA recording from @MrJoshEarl with @adamrichard @katemclennan1 @Dilrukj @davecallantwit… https://t.co/XCQLV6d2kl
generic (feed #21) 10:27pm Awesome fun at @MrJoshEarl's Podcast recording of #DYKWIA with @dave_thorno @DemiLardner, Broden from… https://t.co/ntnc4YUZYR

September 13th

generic (feed #21) 6:08pm Yes https://t.co/Tp1hIRC5AM

September 5th

generic (feed #18) 11:12pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 11:12pm Posted an item

September 4th

generic (feed #21) 11:47pm When your boot SSD no longer wants to boot...
flickr (feed #14) 11:12pm Posted 4 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Fancy lookout Break glass On the hood In conversation
generic (feed #21) 8:55am #ReturnOfTheEats https://t.co/6WM9yRuH1j

September 2nd

generic (feed #18) 10:12pm Posted an item
generic (feed #18) 10:12pm Posted an item

September 1st

generic (feed #21) 9:25am As much as I would want this, no way I could justify the cost... #lego #starwars #millenniumfalcon https://t.co/VH1Oi03uo7

August 29th

blog (feed #1) 11:16pm Published a blog post.

August 25th

generic (feed #21) 9:40pm Musical interlude from @Cmdr_Hadfield https://t.co/28BtHPmdIU
generic (feed #21) 8:26pm In another big room, this time the @PalaisTheatre for @Cmdr_Hadfield https://t.co/GEmiMNTGpo

August 20th

generic (feed #21) 6:36pm What a Podcast ! When @MrJoshEarl has @lawrencemooney @CeliaPacquola @hamishblake @davecallantwit Live on a stage f… https://t.co/djilamMz5L

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