Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

October 20th

generic (feed #21) 10:36pm Unexpected: got to East Malvern on replacement bus 20 minutes before timetabled train would have. https://t.co/KvYSDHtlQP

October 18th

librarything (feed #5) 6:04pm Added 6 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet by Andrew Blum A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield Ghost in the Wires by Kevin D Mitnick

October 12th

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October 7th

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October 2nd

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September 28th

blog (feed #1) 6:51pm Published a blog post.

September 6th

generic (feed #21) 3:27pm Every time there is a Lightroom update I wish there was an option to only download the 64-bit version at half the… https://t.co/L0Q4L0EY3m

September 2nd

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August 31st

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August 30th

generic (feed #21) 6:02pm As well as G+ I still put my photos on Flickr. All the photos from my US trip are in this collection: https://t.co/yhteSAzlJy
generic (feed #21) 5:55pm My final US photos are from the Port of Oakland and over at Alameda https://t.co/F4XaxQ8vvX
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Alameda portal Fly Navy Hangar Workings Port of Oakland Reaching out Dangling Tall Evergreen Illumination Port View Park Three Red paint Driving across Downtown behind Wider view West East Tower Towards downtown Deconstruction Two generations Central support Eroded No longer for cars Falling rocks Filming Cracked Ring Off limits Two cables Closed Keep off Fog over the city Ocean fog Bay area Tall Vertical Between Curving up Sutro Tower above the fog Sutro One peak Angles 600 Volts DC Various ages Chrome Connections Brickwork Rising above Looking down Top of the tower Downtown On the hill That street Two replacements Residence Apartments Blue glass Vents Long flight Wind arrows Parked Train loading Entertainment Backwards Tram Flag shadows White facade Jumbled Moorings Morning ride Bell Palms Morning light Curved Stairs Flag Door No more trains
generic (feed #21) 5:08pm The second last set of photos from my US trip features the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge https://t.co/q5fby4fFWn
generic (feed #21) 4:53pm Various photos from around San Francisco, mostly around the downtown area https://t.co/ASz2uHpcAZ
generic (feed #21) 4:52pm Hiring a car for a few days allowed me to explore places away from San Francisco https://t.co/9TivLtIamZ
generic (feed #21) 4:04pm Today's task is to get through the last of my San Francisco photos, starting with the waterfront: https://t.co/RtZMm962T4

August 25th

generic (feed #21) 7:15pm @bendechrai http://t.co/vJ4VyTk0mj

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