Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

September 28th

generic (feed #21) 9:03pm This means that I now have more @altonbrown cookbooks than other cookbooks, I just need to use them... #EveryDayCook https://t.co/DTelX2yHgh

September 24th

generic (feed #21) 2:41pm Decided to check out the @lapodfest live stream, disappointed that it appears to require flash, how quaint... #lapodfest

September 23rd

generic (feed #21) 10:02pm Just left an entertaining and informative ending from (a jetlagged) @bengoldacre #thinkgoldacre

September 21st

generic (feed #21) 10:16pm Glad I didn't call out that Jack Reacher books *used* to be good at @SammyJ_comedian #melbfringe show tonight (go see it, it's an epic tale)

September 16th

librarything (feed #5) 8:41pm Added 7 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Dust by Hugh Howey Shift by Hugh Howey The Evolution of Useful Things by Henry Petroski I Think You'll Find It's a Bit More Complicated Than That by Ben Goldacre Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia by David Hunt

September 6th

generic (feed #18) 10:57pm Posted an item

September 3rd

generic (feed #21) 9:42pm Seat for the evening @thedollop not as good as in the afternoon, but still expect great things https://t.co/R2aFrhfuOL
generic (feed #21) 7:35pm Highlight of the afternoon @thedollop was when @daveanthony and @reynoldsgareth found out what Australians called the game of "telephone"

August 27th

generic (feed #21) 9:41pm A great evening listening to @stevewoz tell stories (so far @thinkincAU events have not disappointed) https://t.co/2U6I7DxBBL

August 20th

generic (feed #21) 12:32am Those times I was at Docklands for the fireworks I ended up with some other photos: https://t.co/VbdQGWM5JC
flickr (feed #14) 12:25am Posted 15 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Up close Acute Stadium and the city Panels Primary colours Clean up Standing out Stair Keep left Up and down and left Ramp Reflection Green framed New field Tower crane

August 16th

generic (feed #21) 11:02pm From Sunday's photowalk through Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens https://t.co/Od1C9bMqBk
flickr (feed #14) 10:56pm Posted 20 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Looking down Bourke Tall Axis Walking past In conversation Sweeping Duck Of the winds Support Gate Cottage Brickwork Rooflines Encroaching Vent mechanism Conservatory In the conservatory Connecting plate Spray Day or night

August 8th

generic (feed #21) 7:37pm On phone to @iinet support and it drops out, it was a callback so do they call me back again or do I go back to the start of the queue?

August 7th

blog (feed #1) 10:58pm Published a blog post.

August 6th

generic (feed #21) 4:17pm I have finally reached the end of my photo backlog https://t.co/bhEqdD9b0X
flickr (feed #14) 4:03pm Posted 20 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Sandbar Bar Illuminated Chairs Less-than Varied Shiny Distorted Tall ship Pilings Strong light Breaking Red towel Repeating Depth Pink Flying the flag Power Cascades Donnelys

August 4th

generic (feed #21) 10:41pm My spot for fireworks last friday wasn't as good, but I still added some more shots https://t.co/sgslwHk11a https://t.co/otc4TXJR3s
flickr (feed #14) 10:27pm Posted 11 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (6) Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (5) Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (4) Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (3) Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (2) Abstract fireworks 2016-07-29 (1) Docklands 2016-07-29 (5) Docklands 2016-07-29 (4) Docklands 2016-07-29 (3) Docklands 2016-07-29 (2) Docklands 2016-07-29 (1)

August 3rd

generic (feed #21) 11:06pm A whole lot of photos from the weekend: #openhousemelb locations and some others in between https://t.co/WQPGcI6fUC
flickr (feed #14) 11:02pm Posted 56 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Framed reflection New and old Tops in a window Levels Sunlit Three Looking down Dome Studying Outside Baroq Roost Back to the shops Unexpected trees Light Der Neerg Rebma Framing Truss Live rails Tower Dusty To the west Up close Exhaust Conical Retract mirrors Stabled Westinghouse Brake Drive-in lift Station approach Keep your head up Track Guide and power Across the top Cable drive That face Along the esplanade Under the render Flaking Encrusted Trolley Earth themselves by grasping Wet floor Through Bluestone Wall Disconnected Mown ramp Between banks Surrounded To the city Ammunition Factory Covered light Ceiling vent Vent Across Arched

August 2nd

generic (feed #18) 10:51pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 7:30pm Another day means another set from the backlog (not many to go...) https://t.co/lvQxhlyyYu
flickr (feed #14) 7:29pm Posted 10 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Marina Evening Pair Ration supplement Unlit Fence Cthulhu Standing out Foraging Reflected

August 1st

generic (feed #21) 11:36pm I am still working through my #openhousemelb photos, so here are some more from the backlog, this time Mordialloc https://t.co/QJldyhz367
flickr (feed #14) 11:31pm Posted 16 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Leading Broad Getting started Complete Partial Exchange Afternoon On guard Up Looking Eyelet Locked Prow Path under Port Seeker III

July 31st

generic (feed #21) 11:31pm Today was more #OpenHouseMelb followed by @TickledMovie, so here are more photos from the backlog... https://t.co/IdMl8rcFkt
flickr (feed #14) 11:24pm Posted 9 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Hand in hand Out for a walk Crown Inside the lens Portable Lens Red topped Sheltered Reflections

July 30th

generic (feed #21) 11:30pm While I have photos from fireworks last night and #openhousemelb today, here is #whitenightmelb from two years ago https://t.co/MPRaSe6uwO
flickr (feed #14) 11:21pm Posted 8 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Crossing the beams Those reflected projections Through Over the shoulders Watching Skyline Bells Cone

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