Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:


generic (feed #21) 1:02pm Used the rented EF-S 15-85 lens all day today, it would work as a 17-85 replacement, for the right price of course https://t.co/maRIupCVZ2
generic (feed #21) 2:57am Time to get up close to some International Orange https://t.co/EmcQVk8frm

July 26th

generic (feed #21) 10:45am Overhearing "prescription" of herbs: 11 pills per meal, raddish "deactivates" ginseng, expect diarrhea. Crazy. https://t.co/WMDh4OjM8W
generic (feed #21) 10:44am Apparently the "kidney chi" is the strongest of the meridians #overheard https://t.co/9e40nMYSuz
generic (feed #21) 6:54am Landed at SFO, next 6 days is the last stage of my US trip https://t.co/jHKfJ4KkUK

July 25th

generic (feed #21) 11:35am Have accumulated a big handful of coins while in the US, somehow that includes two Australian 5c pieces. https://t.co/Iey0EW0CUc
generic (feed #21) 8:16am And #OSCON is over. Need time to recover and digest my notes. https://t.co/yXiJrFMbdj
generic (feed #21) 2:11am @pjf just keep talking, if its interesting we won't want you to stop

July 24th

generic (feed #21) 5:41am Damian Conway's "Everyday Perl 6" #oscon https://t.co/MPJ49xsRB2

July 23rd

generic (feed #21) 4:35pm My first full day of #oscon resulted in lots to think about and follow up on https://t.co/1QkBKUlUSj

July 22nd

blog (feed #1) 10:31am Published a blog post.

July 21st

generic (feed #21) 12:54pm "We don't call it copy and pasting, we call it forking" +https://t.co/oWSykRFF9s #oscon https://t.co/YadcYhlNgp
generic (feed #21) 11:36am #OSCON begins for me with #ignite https://t.co/z82JQhhtmM
generic (feed #21) 7:45am After years of abuse my 17-85mm lens is now only a 17mm lens. Fix, replace with same, something else? https://t.co/NqCIWptpNX

July 20th

generic (feed #21) 4:30pm Here it is! The opening "Randi' video from TAM 2014. http://t.co/uTGD5JPUPD Enjoy- and share! @jref @DJGrothe @SkepticsGuide
generic (feed #21) 3:11am Midpoint of my US trip, waiting for flight to PDX for #OSCON for the next six days. https://t.co/FUeTtEXSAz

July 18th

generic (feed #21) 2:05pm Much better sunset tonight, pity it wasn't last night at the Grand Canyon https://t.co/TfGIR3gI9a

July 16th

generic (feed #21) 3:50pm Just saw anti-vaxxers referred to as the "pro-polio movement" for the first time. Love. It.
generic (feed #21) 3:42pm @VampWriterGRRL @erinrileyau @quickmissive That is part of the motivation for The Vaccination Chronicles http://t.co/ec9CyzWS5K

July 15th

generic (feed #21) 6:00pm @622x35 @TreadlyAndMe I read somewhere that it should be reported as a fault, it might not be fixed, but at least there is a record
generic (feed #21) 2:24pm Phew, my polariser was in my hotel room. Would have been nice to have it today, but at least it is not in… https://t.co/1APAhkUlUG

July 14th

blog (feed #1) 3:04pm Published a blog post.
generic (feed #21) 3:03pm And #TAM2014 concludes with a failed attempt for the million dollar challenge https://t.co/6Bf5y58yn3
generic (feed #21) 12:46pm @stewartsmith so were you nodding in agreement or resiting the urge to correct them?

July 12th

generic (feed #21) 1:57pm Wanted to catch up on @checkouttv while at #TAM2014, but no streaming outside of AU :( Making do with clips on Youtube

July 8th

generic (feed #21) 8:07am In 24 hours I will arrive in Las Vegas. It will still be Tuesday. https://t.co/oEzGMgyFDL

July 1st

generic (feed #18) 11:57pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 7:12pm .@pjf drip pricing has been the most irritating part of planning for my US trip, so glad it is relatively rare in AU
flickr (feed #14) 3:09pm Posted 4 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Spike Arrival for departure Upright Too early for work

June 27th

generic (feed #21) 12:41pm Finally got out to Alfred Nicholas Gardens, closed due to adverse weather conditions. https://t.co/iPfPfnVpJB

June 26th

generic (feed #21) 10:03pm A few images from a Port of Melbourne tour I went on last year. https://t.co/dciNOhvYES
flickr (feed #14) 9:33pm Posted 25 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Slender One giraffe drinks Just one down A look inside Guarding Swanson West Guarding Swanson East The former Aalsmeergracht HMS Daring and the eventual HMAS Canberra With plastic bag Barry Under the bridge Creek flows under Tall pylon Inside the curve Many options Towering above Movements must not enter Multicoloured Curved Becoming overgrown Stacked All-sorts Stepped Heavy lifters Shadow of a sign Departing traffic
generic (feed #21) 7:12pm Added photos to River2River Anniversary Photowalk. https://t.co/eeiFFTaIbI
generic (feed #21) 6:56pm Processed my photos from last week's River2River photo walk. https://t.co/vZJdGcw4CC
generic (feed #21) 3:04pm Picked up some black glass, now comes in a handy metal case. https://t.co/qLrhgSv9kx

June 20th

generic (feed #21) 4:33pm Paperwork signed. Start when I return from my US trip. https://t.co/zrrQeSx1JF
blog (feed #1) 12:09pm Published a blog post.

June 18th

generic (feed #18) 10:16pm Posted an item
blog (feed #1) 12:19pm Published a blog post.
generic (feed #21) 12:57am @theatretwitt will also become a daily thing...

June 16th

generic (feed #21) 6:28pm Today was a long pants day. On a few reason I do that. https://t.co/iJ90F5ehZZ

June 13th

generic (feed #21) 6:48pm I now have things to attach to my camera lens. At some point will also get a big or little stopper. https://t.co/B4o4GnM5YQ

June 12th

generic (feed #21) 12:56am Tired of seeing articles with odd statements... due to sloppy copying from source article. https://t.co/yYvXQL8GBo

June 7th

generic (feed #21) 3:18am Stayed up to call the US to book something for my trip, hadn't enabled outgoing international calls, setting… https://t.co/9vXc6rfXme

June 3rd

generic (feed #18) 8:45pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 1:26am I like automatic perspective correction - https://t.co/7AlxKgO27l
flickr (feed #14) 12:16am Posted a photo on Flickr.
Grand old station (modified 2)
blog (feed #1) 12:11am Published a blog post.

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