Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

April 21st

youtube (feed #19) 4:53am Posted a video on YouTube.

April 20th

generic (feed #21) 1:38am #drunkcast @DumDumClub was an epic end to the #MICF

April 19th

generic (feed #21) 3:40pm This time the posters are taped to the metal frame, good work @DumDumClub #MICF http://t.co/eTyjG2qeC2

April 18th

generic (feed #21) 8:14pm Great show from @ronnychieng. Now to get some dinner before heading to the Lunch Room for Snacks! by @justinhamilton_ #MICF

April 16th

generic (feed #21) 10:22am @perlbuzz FYI my RSS reader says that http://t.co/qPUJVnDQBf has been down for a few weeks...

April 13th

generic (feed #21) 10:10pm .@francesrosey maybe #hammowins should be a question FOR #qanda
generic (feed #21) 10:08pm Fantastic seeing @PuddlesPityP again at #TheShelf. Got the expected crowd response during "Am I ever going to see your face again" #MICF
generic (feed #21) 8:17pm Much better having a seat in the middle at #theshelf instead of off the side or standing at the back #MICF

April 12th

generic (feed #21) 11:43pm Home from another great day at #MICF. First @DumDumClub then @SammyJ_comedian & Randy, closed out by @adamhillscomedy

April 9th

generic (feed #21) 6:57pm This is not supposed to happen https://t.co/E1fxbyzN9f

April 8th

librarything (feed #5) 9:44pm Added a book on LibraryThing.
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
generic (feed #18) 9:15pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 3:19pm @vickyhanlon @DumDumClub you need to relisten so you can find out what didn't make it through the edit

April 6th

generic (feed #21) 9:59pm Go see other comedians heckle @KarlChandler, tonight was @ronnychieng #MICF http://t.co/uR4pOieJg7

April 5th

generic (feed #21) 10:48pm If you want weird, see @samsimmonss #MICF
generic (feed #21) 9:37pm Just laughed harder at @TheNickCody than I did at today's @DumDumClub recording (which he was also in) #MICF
generic (feed #21) 6:00pm .@eboniedawn hey, as long as @KarlChandler keeps rising from the dead... #MICF @DumDumClub
generic (feed #21) 1:50pm RT @joeblander "John Deeks speaking" at #TOFOP #SuperPod2 with @Wil_Anderson @CXClausen http://t.co/smjnbFnJ4V
generic (feed #21) 1:26am @alfiedotwtf with popups? "Inside the personal computer" I found one one eBay a few years ago.
generic (feed #21) 1:23am Live @TOFOP was beyond expectations, surprised that Deeksie stole the show #MICF

April 2nd

generic (feed #21) 5:30pm "@iLoveGGLetters Anyone up for some "Late Night Letters" possibly Sunday night? (Pub Hol the next day) #micf" Yes. Of course. Definitely.

April 1st

generic (feed #21) 8:34pm Dropped back into the city to catch @daveanthony ... Well worth it #MICF

March 31st

librarything (feed #5) 8:26pm Added a book on LibraryThing.
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman by Richard P. Feynman

March 30th

generic (feed #21) 11:09pm Fantastic night at #TheShelf was a great end to three days of comedy. Same thing next weekend... #MICF

March 28th

generic (feed #21) 10:22pm Good day at #MICF Started with @SteeleSaunders at @iLoveGGLetters and ended with his own show, fitted @dassalo in between.

March 26th

librarything (feed #5) 7:35pm Added 2 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett The Long War by Terry Pratchett

March 25th

librarything (feed #5) 9:27pm Added a book on LibraryThing.
Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

March 15th

flickr (feed #14) 5:01pm Posted 2 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Final sprint Tree

March 14th

generic (feed #21) 8:46pm RT @joeblander Awesome Surprise Guest @adamhillscomedy drops into @PublicBarComedy ! Wow ! Killed it http://t.co/MDFbUc1Xak

March 13th

generic (feed #21) 8:13am RT @qikipedia DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH. – Terry Pratchett (1948-2015)

March 6th

generic (feed #21) 9:17am @willdonovan @misswired I have wondered about that surcharge, but looks like there is an exception http://t.co/nABJku5bsF

March 3rd

generic (feed #18) 10:57pm Posted an item

February 27th

blog (feed #1) 9:57pm Published a blog post.

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