Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

March 26th

librarything (feed #5) 7:35pm Added 2 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett The Long War by Terry Pratchett

March 25th

librarything (feed #5) 9:27pm Added a book on LibraryThing.
Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

March 15th

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Final sprint Tree

March 14th

generic (feed #21) 8:46pm RT @joeblander Awesome Surprise Guest @adamhillscomedy drops into @PublicBarComedy ! Wow ! Killed it http://t.co/MDFbUc1Xak

March 13th

generic (feed #21) 8:13am RT @qikipedia DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH. – Terry Pratchett (1948-2015)

March 6th

generic (feed #21) 9:17am @willdonovan @misswired I have wondered about that surcharge, but looks like there is an exception http://t.co/nABJku5bsF

March 3rd

generic (feed #18) 10:57pm Posted an item

February 27th

blog (feed #1) 9:57pm Published a blog post.

February 26th

generic (feed #21) 10:52pm How many times has the Yarra River been diverted? Saw something on http://t.co/h1Mis2NaKD then found http://t.co/QsqeDm4vcs
generic (feed #21) 2:29pm .@bendechrai doesn't seem to bring much sanity, more like false balance with anti-vax undertones

February 15th

generic (feed #21) 12:08am @stewartsmith is it a superfood?

February 11th

generic (feed #21) 11:54pm Sometimes you are glad that the train is delayed https://t.co/1UZ0sbK4ty

February 9th

generic (feed #21) 9:50pm Interesting, but need to find time to watch the entire thing... https://t.co/ZY93U6ofK3

February 3rd

generic (feed #18) 11:05pm Posted an item

February 2nd

blog (feed #1) 11:07pm Published a blog post.
generic (feed #21) 10:10pm A selection from my day down at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race with +https://t.co/FPSypYGL4x. This is the… https://t.co/YPZOSdWZtV
flickr (feed #14) 9:47pm Posted 13 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Final sprint Mixed in Leading the pack In the turn Testing the wind Lead group Powering Riding past Lone rider Spares Sponsored Support Shared footway

February 1st

generic (feed #21) 8:56pm 1,128 is how many images I need to sort through after tagging along with +https://t.co/FPSypYGL4x to the Cadel… https://t.co/iNC4wKaEcx

January 31st

generic (feed #21) 5:25pm "Utterly monstrous" (Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One) https://t.co/Kf9FOwTsru

January 30th

generic (feed #21) 10:10pm Won't be able to see it under the front light, but I'm leaving this on my new bike. https://t.co/HqY5Wxtris
generic (feed #21) 10:10pm Ready for a ride in the morning... https://t.co/ptDPvbuxlc
flickr (feed #14) 9:39pm Posted 2 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
New bike for 2015 New bike

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